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Munchkins - Palmerston North, New Zealand

"Fudge accounts for over 30% of my revenue across my two stores, and it's my highest profit item! Fudge is a point of difference that makes my store stand out from the rest and is easy to make and sell, we just follow the Calico manual"

Fudge Heaven - Queensland

"I have absolutely no problem writing this testimonial for you, as the Calico Fudge
Program has changed my life, I now finally have an occupation that I totally enjoy and
get paid well too." (Read more ...)

Mrs Jamieson Tilba Fudge - NSW

"The fudge has given us a product that we can proudly say is made by us and made on the premises. It has given us an extra profit-making asset to our business." (Read more ...)

Smugglers Hearth - Victoria

"From day one our Fudge has accounted for approximately 25% of our total sales and our net profit has increased enormously. The initial set up costs were recouped in under 4 months and the rest is history." (Read more...)

Pot Pourri - Akaroa, New Zealand

7 years ago Tony and Marie purchased the Calico Cottage Fudge System for their small gift shop in the tourist town of Akaroa. Seven years later Tony talks about his million dollar fudge machine and provides keys on how he does it. (Read more ...)

Alpine Fudge - Victoria

"We looked at Calico Cottage Fudge Systems for Several Years at the gift trade shows, but we didn’t have the right shop. When we did we followed the Calico Cottage fudge program to the T! We had put off doing it for a very long time, but very pleased that we now make our own fudge and wished we had done it years ago. " (Read more ...)

Country Simplicity - NSW

"Country Simplicity became a reality when I needed somewhere to set up Calico Fudge. I had been researching Calico Fudge for some time, after reading about it in Country Collections. I’m located in Cobar in the West of New South Wales (pop. 6000), and I wanted the shop to reflect good homemade foods, hence I have named the fudge “Cobar Old Fashioned Fudge”.It has been greatly received along with all the Australian farm sourced gourmet products. Our customers are delighted in, experiencing the tastes and range of different flavours." (View Shop)

Blissful Blooms Florist - Emerald, Queensland

"Our customers LOVE our Fudge, they LOVE that we make it fresh in store. We even have customers who will drive hours across just to stop in and purchase our famous Fudge.

Our Fudge has really put us on the map!

Fudge has become a key part of our business and our trademark difference. My advice to anyone considering it…go ahead and FUDGE IT!

Ian Brooks - Business Consultant

"This article describes what a business was looking for and how fudge was the answer for them" (Read article)

"Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world"

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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