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Welcome to the Calico Fudge Homepage

We're famous for our store-made Fudge, but as you know, some people just like to make things themselves.

So, we took our secret recipe and modified it to work in a microwave oven.

Now you can put your store's name on a product that's best in its class and create your own brand!

The formulation uses the same high quality ingredients that you and your customers have come to know and deserve.

Your own private label is a terrific way to differentiate your self from "Big Box" retailers and other shops that sell the same merchandise you see everywhere.

Using a private label will mean that the product is uniquely yours, and if they want to purchase more of it, they have to go to your store to get it.



“Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world”

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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