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Congratulations! Calico Cottage Fudge is not only the finest fudge on the market it is also an excellent business tool that will help you add a unique flavour, specific to your store while increasing your profits.

To help determine if the Calico Fudge Program is right for you, we can provide a comprehensive computer based Business Simulation that forecasts your store’s potential sales and profits based on store type, your actual traffic count and the number of days your store is open per year.

From a product profitability standpoint, fudge is invariably one of the top three cash-producing items, per square foot, in any retail environment and provides a typical mark up of over 230%.

We are devoted to helping retailers get the greatest return from their fudge business by constantly developing new marketing and merchandising expertise to sell more fudge.

This experience and focus means we’ve perfected a step-by-step, proven merchandising program that ensures your success. 

To learn more about whether the Calico Fudge Program is right for you, simply complete the fudge form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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“Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world”

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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