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Welcome to the Calico Fudge Homepage

Welcome to the Calico Cottage Customer information page. The information contained in these pages is for the exclusive use of existing Calico Cottage Fudge System customers. Access is obtained through the use of a customer specific userid and password and is subject to the following Terms & Conditions.To register for access contact your local Calico office.

The "Art of" Series  
Caramel Swirling Learn the art of Caramel Swirling
Drizzling Learn the art of Drizzling Fudge
Swirling Fudge Learn the art of Swirling Fudge


EZ Order forms  

EZ Order form

Download the EZ Order form specific for Australian Customers
Easter Order form Download the current form for ordering Easter stock
Price List Download the Calico Price List for Australian customers

Some useful Facts  


Explains the benefits of using genuine Calico flavourings
Incentive_Facts Some ways to motivate your staff to sell fudge
Sampling_Facts Fact sheet explaining how maximise your profits by sampling fudge to your customers
Upsell_Facts Facts on why upselling is a key skill your staff need to master
Sucrose_Free_Facts Facts on our sucrose free fudge mix


Calico Recipes  
Recipes Download the Latest Calico Cottage Supplementary recipe manual and Production Schedule..
Easter Recipes A couple of pages of recipes for use before AND after Easter.


Other Items  
NIP_Labels Nutritional Information Panels. Used for 2.4 kg trays of fudge.
Stock Boxes A list of boxes we have in our Australian warehouse



"Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world"

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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