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Welcome to the Calico Fudge Homepage

Calico was established in the USA in 1964. Calico was setup by Brian Findlater first in New Zealand in 1993 and then Australia in 1996. The company in New Zealand and Australia is now run by the second generation of the Findlater fudge family.

Calico revolutionized the fudge industry by developing specially formulated ingredients and manufacturing processes that spawned the in-store, Fudge Factory, fresh fudge-making concept.

We are the world’s leading supplier of quality fudge ingredients and fudge merchandising systems.

Calico customers range in size from mega-sized amusement parks, renowned National Parks and major tourist destinations to farm markets, casinos and local retail shops of all types and sizes across the world.

Calico provides training, unlimited support, fudge making equipment and supplies, pre-measured dry ingredients, and most importantly, a wealth of merchandising and marketing expertise. 



“Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world”

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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