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" Maximise your profits with the best fudge system in the world. “

The Calico Cottage Fudge System enables retailers to make Calico Fudge Displayand sell over 400 flavours of fudge. Calico customers range from small local and tourist gift shops, gourmet candy stores, casinos and hotels to the worlds' largest amusement and recreational parks.

Creating a “Fudge Factory” in your store draws new and repeat customers and delivers extraordinarily high-profit sales.

The Calico Cottage Fudge System produces gourmet smooth and creamy fudge. It is easy to Smooth Fudgemake and fun to sell. It is an ideal addition to an existing business and will increase stores revenue by up to 30%







“Maximise your profit, with the best fudge system in the world”

Calico Cottage Fudge System

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